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about me

     I've always had a taste for the exotic...people, places, landscapes, art, nature, heavens, mythology, flora, fauna....etcetera.
    My roots are in a small town.  As a child,  I  was charmed by beautiful southern homes, town churches and natural settings.  My family homes built by JG Smith and Sons have been an inspiration for my career path in design.  These homes were and are a reflection of splendor, craft and an easy luxury.  As a product of this environment, childhood stories were centered around the thriving family buggy and carriage business. This was a first introduction into the art of product design and a fascinating history. As the horseless carriage replaced the buggy industry, the family business evolved into a furniture company.  

    As fine furniture became a part of my visions, so did the art my talented mother offered through years of dedication as an art professional and teacher.  After completing my degree from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA, Atlanta has been home to more design inspiration and creation.  Fortunately, I've attracted a wealth of talent and beauty in this thriving city.

    We are the sum of our parts and labors of love. My work is a collective of all the visionaries, inspired by their art, homes and business models.  My intention is to capture the imagination, heart and nature of a vision and parlay this into modern day charmed masterpieces.  

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